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LOS ANGELES - The cast of Serbian actors who were involved in Angelina Jolie’s debutant directorial effort – a love story set in wartime Bosnia – are currently working on the completion of the project in Hollywood. Rade Serbedzija and his employer Angelina Jolie.

The renowned actress had invited the actors for a screening of the film yet to be completed in post-production. Once the last scenes are fine-tuned and the film finished it will be ready for its premiere in September this year.

“Angelina invited us all. She wanted to gather us all up in Los Angeles to see the film and hang out during the six or seven days. It is a lovely gesture. Unfortunately, I was unable to go because I am all tied up here in various acting productions which are all ongoing theatre plays and I am about to start the shooting of a film directed by Srdjan Dragojevic. I hope we see each other during the summer and see the film,” Serbian actor Goran Jevtic said for Blic.

Another two prominent actors from the region, Branko “Djura” Djuric and Rade Serbedzija, have already gone off to Hollywood to join Angelina Jolie. Apart from Belgrade-based Nikola Djuricko, leading actors Goran Kostic and Zana Marjanovic are in LA and will shoot some additional scenes for Untitled Bosnian War Love Story.

Also featuring in Jolie’s first ever directorial job is Aleksandar Djurica, portraying the character of Serbian soldier Marko. He reveals the film will see its premiere in the autumn, while the exact date has yet to be set. Djurica also confirmed the movie has not even had its internal screening.

“These days some members of the cast are with the director and working on shooting some additional scenes for their characters, but I don’t know the exact date when the movie will be released,” said Djurica.

Similar has been confirmed to us by Edin Sarkic, who was in charge of the film’s shooting in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarkic says part of the crew received personal invitations to visit Angelina, with the primary purpose the screening of the movie. It had originally been planned for the Hollywood star and her family to spend some time in Bosnia, but after the protest Women in Black organised to object to the film’s screenplay, which depicts a love story between a Serbian man and a Muslim woman, the plan fell through.

(via Blic Online | Serbian actors off to Hollywood to wrap up Angelina’s film)